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Traffic Slam 3D

At this game everything is free. We must damage the cars and the environment as much as we do. How much damage we give, so points we get.  Start Game ; press 'Start Game' and then spacebar key. (if we press twice, the game starts right away.) The aim of the game; we damage the cars, the shops and the environment with our car. How much damage we give, so points we get. When we see the bomb on the road, we take it and press 'D' key on wherever we want to explode the car. Game control keys; we control our vehicle with Arrow Keys. Spacebar and Shift key work as a brake. We explode bomb with 'D' key. Gifts which we can get on the road . Blue lightning icon; brings in instant nitro namely instant speed. Green dollar icon; accident bonus gives extra cash in an easy way. Green dollar icon2x; cash coefficient doubles our total money. Yellow bomb icon; accident bomb, when we want to explode, we press 'D' key. We can create huge explosion with two accident bombs. Have FUN! HiHoY