Drunken Wrestlers

Cubic drunk characters are on the street and ready for different wrestling matches!

You know, sometimes the fight just has no place and you can be caught off guard! In Drunken Wrestlers, you meet with your priest on randomly chosen streets. It doesn't matter where you are for a good fighter, does it?


What awaits me playing Drunken Wrestlers?

Drunken Wrestlers is a boxing game with 3D physics-based combat simulation. It can be played in 1p and 2p modes. In the game, there are two drunken fighters clad in orange and blue. Your weapon is your fists. You have a very effective special weapon power that you can use by clicking the "G" button that appears on the screen when you are far enough away from your opponent. There is a power and special bar on the screen where these weapons you use to counter your opponent are controlled. You have to wait for them to fill up before you can use them. Each player has a separate health bar that shows how strong they are. When this bar is empty, the player is knocked out.

You can adjust the in-game sounds by clicking the settings button in the upper right corner of the game's start screen.

This fun and relaxing fighting game is a fast-starting and fast-paced game. As soon as you start the game, you will find yourself in an arena from which you can never escape, as in any fight. You should start controlling the drunk player's movements without wasting time. You have to be very fast when fighting against the opponent. No matter how fast the game progresses, you will witness that you fight better every second.

You can knock down your opponent with just one punch! Of course, if it's not traded. If you've weakened your opponent enough and your power bar is full, you can knock your opponent down with a single punch.

Each time you click the “Next Fight” button, you will become stronger! Over time, you will improve your own technique and strengthen your coordination.

Try to keep the Cubic Drunken Boxers afloat and throw quick punches at your opponent, but watch out for the Energy Bar!

If you run out of energy, it will take some time to recover and you will have an advantage over your opponent.


Power Bar and Special Power

You have to wait for the power bar to fill up to throw your fists at your opponent. And when it is full, you must quickly throw your fists at your opponent with the right moves. Keep an eye on the power rod! If you run out of energy, it will take a lot of time to recover and you will have an advantage over your opponent.

But there is another way to challenge your opponent in the meantime. Special power! The Special bar fills up very quickly and you can use it almost at any time. On one condition: you must be far enough away from your opponent for this power to take effect. Open the distance between you and your opponent with back-to-back moves and use your power immediately.

Don't forget! Your opponent also has this special power. When your opponent uses this power, you can dodge to avoid damage, or you can use your leaning movement to go back and forth.


Who can play?

If you like fighting games, Drunken Boxing Ultimate is for you! This fun fighting game is suitable for kids. It is an unblocked fighting game. It is a game that players of almost all ages will enjoy and love to play.


Tips and Tricks

- When he gets far enough away from his opponent, the green G marker button appears to remind him that he can use his Special power.

- Don't let your opponent corner you.

- You can dodge that powerful green blow from your opponent by going far enough or leaning over.


How to play?

Player 1:

W Keys – Forward

A Keys – Left Punch

S Keys – Backward

D Keys – Right Punch

G - Special


Player 2:


L - Special


Can I play online and for free on my computer?

Of course! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your keyboard and mouse.

Which fist is stronger? Right or left? Or never mind answering, the game has begun! You have nothing to lose! Fight for your life! Activate your drunk player who can't stand and knock your opponent down with your quick punches! Come on! Now!