Might And Magic Armies

Get up, take action and prepare your army! You are on an endless quest to train and lead the most powerful army of all worlds!


What awaits me playing Might and Magic Armies?

Being a part of Might&Magic Heroes, a video game series that has existed since 2011 and continues its development to this day, Might and Magic Armies is a revolution in its field. One of the best strategy games, this game can lure even the most strategy hater into a world of power and magic! Might & Magic Armies is a strategic io game putting players in control of thousands of soldiers, monsters and fantastic creatures.


of your heroes; Castle, Rampart, Necropolis and Inferno! As you successfully advance your struggle that you started with Castle, you can continue with other powerful heroes. In order to use these features of your heroes, each of which has different characteristics, you must expand your army and collect points.


As soon as you start the game, you will find yourself in a fantasy novel. Wander through vast meadows, forests, steppes, lakes and small settlements. The only obstacles that are insurmountable are the deserts, in all other areas you can wander around as you wish. If you're strong enough, you'll have your say in all these places.


Of course this will not be easy! The game has millions of players around the world, and each one is a good knight! Just like you, all other knights moving on land have only one mission: to survive!


Every knight roaming the land is there to expand his army and destroy other armies. You have to watch around, avoid opponents who are stronger than you, and expand your army as much as possible by attacking those who are weaker than you. Gathering more than a hundred thousand warriors under your sword may be a little difficult, but not impossible!


Don't forget to see your rank on the leaderboard, daily, weekly and all-time leaderboards in your country and around the world!


Who can play?

Players of all age groups who love strategy can play Might and Magic Armies. Suitable for children and unhindered. Children can play this game with pleasure while they finish their lessons and spend their free time at home, at school as long as they get permission from their teachers, and on the street when they gather to spend time with their friends.


What does it gain me?

Might and Magic Armies, an essential strategy game, helps to improve brain abilities, skills and speed. It sharpens the mind, makes it agile. Since it is focused on fighting and winning, it teaches to make quick and correct decisions in the face of difficulties. In addition to being beneficial for hand and eye coordination, it also improves the ability to observe. It widens the attention span by opening perceptions and increases the ability to think strategically.



Tips and Tricks

- If you advance enough in the game, you can buy disasters (snowstorm, etc.) in the game store, with which you can defeat your enemy.

- Follow the strength of the army, try to quickly destroy the approaching weak armies.

- If your army circle (circle) can fit in a forest, you will be hidden from opponents.

- Even if your opponent is chasing you, be careful not to enter a field of thick fog.

- The little helmets you collect as you progress mean all kinds of creatures ready to fight for you.


How to play?

ARROW Keys – Move

You can also move forward by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse.


Can I play online and on the computer?

Certainly! You can play Magic and Magic Armies online without downloading. You can play using your keyboard and mouse. You can even make this fight much more enjoyable by taking it to full screen mode.


Summon epic heroes, use your unique skills and gather thousands of soldiers to prevail! The easiest way to win in Might and Magic Armies is to take some risks!