Mine Clone 4

Mine Clone 4 is a new series in a successful game where you can change and rebuild the world around you and it's free for you at Hihoy.com. As the name suggests, you have to click on the “Create Random World” button after logging into Mine Clone 4, a different version of Minecraft. Game A new game made in 2019, we can customize many settings in the game and create a gaming environment as we wish. For example, by setting the game mode, you can build your own world if you want, if you want to include the bots in the game, you can create a more struck-knuckled world. In the same way, you can adjust the size of the map yourself, if you want a big world if you want a smaller but better built world you can make a selection. At the end of the game by pressing Now Play Now! Mümkün you can take the first step in the adventure. When you press the left mouse button, you can delete the box-shaped blocks and right-click to create new blocks. In addition, you can build the house you want with the help of your imagination using the arrow keys, you can try to survive against the monsters that go hunting at night. Mine Clone 4, which is among the most popular games, also has the advantage of saving the game. So don't hesitate for a second and join the game.

HaveFun !

Game Controls:

Move: WASD

Remove Block: LEFT CLICK

Place Block: RIGHT CLICK

Inventory, Hold: E or I

Jump / Swim: SPACE


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