Ragdoll Duel: Boxing

Here is a fun Drunken Boxing game! Ragdoll Duel: Boxing, in the game of which you will dec decouple with your opponent amid the cheers of excited fans. For a good fighter, it doesn't matter where you are, does it?

Ragdoll Duel: Boxing- Information About

Ragdoll Duel: Boxing is a boxing game with 3D physics-based combat simulation. In the game, there are two drunk fighters dressed in red and blue colors. Your fists are your only weapon. in the game, which can be played in 1p and 2p modes, you have a very effective special weapon power that you can use by clicking on the “Press g” and "Press k" buttons that appear on the screen when you set the distance between you and your opponent. Dec game is playable in 1p and 2p modes. To use these buttons, you have to wait for them to fill up. For each player individually, there is a health bar that shows how strong they are. When this bar is empty, the player is knocked out.

What awaits me in the game?

This fun boxing game is a game that starts fast and continues fast. As soon as you start the game, as in every fight, you will find yourself in an arena where you can never escape. You have to be very fast when fighting against your opponent. You can knock down your opponent with even one punch! Unless, of course, he's out of it. When your opponent's strength decreases, click on the "press g" button and knock your opponent down in one move.
Try to keep your players afloat and throw fast punches at your opponent, but watch out for the Energy Bar!

Power Bar and Special Power

You need to quickly throw your fists at your opponent. Keep an eye on the power bar! But there is another way to challenge your opponent at this time. Special power! The "Press g" button fills up in a very short time, and you can use it almost at any time. Approach your opponent and use the power button when you are sure that you are at the right distance.
Do not forget! Your opponent also has this special power. When your opponent uses this power, you can escape to recover from your damage or use the bending motion you have when going back and forward.

Who can play? 

If you like fighting games, Ragdoll Duel: Boxing is for you! This fun boxing game is suitable for children. It is an unblocked fighting game. It is a game that you can play when you are bored alone at home or want to have fun hours at school with your friends. It is a game that players of almost all ages will play with pleasure and love.

Tips and tricks

• Use the "press" buttons that are activated when you get close enough to your opponent.
• Don't let your opponent corner you.

Which fist is stronger? Does it make a difference? Life fight! Activate your player and knock down your opponent with your fast punches! Go on! Now!