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The World's Funniest Game

When you see the battle scenes at the most comic game of the world, you will accept an enjoyable game. There is no one who haven't heard Mario game. Your aim at the game is to rescue the princess. But while you are trying to rescue her, you will direct a warrior who has a comic appearance. Direct this warrior and firstly rescue the princess. You will have to deactivate many enemies with your sword during rescuing. After you rescue the princess, you will take her to the house. She will follow you to the house. Then as every woman she will want more things such as car, house, furniture etc. To be able to buy these you will fight in wars and collect golds. With these golds you will fulfill purchasing process at STORE. You can see your amount of money at the top left of the game window you will sometimes find qualified diamond I mean gem. At first they won't be useful but later you will use them well. Have a good time!