Sports Heads Tennis Open
4.4 (88%) 15

Sports Heads got the appreciation of the players with different and enjoyable sports game and we add a new one to these series; Sports Heads Tennis are going on with the open! If you are ready for the entertainment, Let’s start!
Click “2 Player” button to play the game with two people. Determine your player at ‘Player 1’ and ‘Player 2’ sections. You can determine the field at ‘Change Pitch’ section and you can determine the country at ‘Change Location’ section. Then you can start the game with ‘Start’ button.
Game Controls :
First Player
Direction: W. A. S. D. Keys
Swinging Racket: Spacebar

Second Player
Direction: Arrow Keys
Swinging Racket: P key

Play : 1831 Plays

Date : 21 March 2015

Plugins For Game : Adobe Shockwave Player