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Baby Hazel Hair Care

Hazel Baby who is one of the most popular game heroes in these days is before us. At 'Hazel Baby Haircare Game' as you understand from the title. We are making haircare. You completly control the game with mouse. First you must cut Hazel's hair. But you mustn't make Hazel cry at these time. So you must give the toys which Hazel wants. After finishing the haircut you must make haircare with various creams. At this process you mustn't make Hazel cry. After haircare it is time to wash Hazel hair. First fill in the bathtub with water. Wash Hazel using soap and shampoo. After hair wash, you must dry hair with towel and you must take attention the happiness scale on the left top. This scale shows the degree of Hazel's happiness. If you make Hazel cry, this scale will discharge. If she cries for a long time, you lost the game. So you must do whatever she wants in a short time and you must complete the game succesfully.